Social Construction of Public Intellectuals in Vietnam: Current Situation and Possible Changes


On looking at the impacted factors to social development, it is always considered for the role of intellectuals with their contributions to any social spheres. Currently, there are debates and research about the title of intellectuals and public intellectuals as well in Vietnam. The common understandings are based on the social and community responsibility and the social contributions by the title of intellectual/public intellectual. However, it is hard to find any actual research on the public intellectuals in Vietnam recently. This research, as exploratory research with the survey on 225 scholars and academic staff, applies the current concept of public intellectuals as those who have their works impacted to public issues and contribute to make the public life better. The findings are expected to have the current knowledge, attitude and practice toward the research topics and to enlarge and contribute to the impacts by the public intellectuals in Vietnam.


Public intellectuals Intellectual Vietnam Social construction Social constructionism 


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