Kham Tran

Career Overview
in last 17 years
I have worked for universities for more than 15 years in the contexts of Vietnam, South Korea and Australia with different positions, from administrative to academic, managing and lecturing, researcher and social worker. I got BA, MA in Sociology, PhD in Social Work and Social Policy. In additions, I earned a diploma in Social Worker in 2006 and some professional certificates related to curriculum development and skills in doing research and lecturing. I have prominent skills on administration, doing social research, teaching in university courses and doing project managements.
Teaching courses

Undergraduate courses
– Introduction to Sociology; Introduction to Social Work
– Social Work Practice with People with Disabilities; Social Work Practice with Children
– Social Work Theories; Social Work Ethics
– Social Research Methods

Graduated courses
– Social Work Practices: Approaches and Models
– Social Work Practices with People with Disabilities

Professional Experiences

Visiting Academic/ From September 2017
In School of Education, University of South Australia
• Joining the project funded by Australian – Asean Council (2017) about the English as Medium of Instructions in Vietnam;
• Writing the proposals for grants (applied for Toyota Foundation, DFAT, Nafosted Vietnam);
• Doing a research project funded by DFAT
• Writing other research proposals for other funding from Japan, US and Vietnam about EMI in Asia;
• Drafting research papers

University Staff/From Jan 2001 to Dec 2016
In VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, Vietnam
• Lecturing in courses of Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Social Work, Modern Social Work Theories, Social Work Practice with Disabled People, Social Research Methods for undergraduate students in Political Science, Sociology and Social Work Programs; and a course of Social Work Theories and Practical Models for master student in Social Work;
• Doing research projects in sociology, social work and related fields;
• Marking the final examination;
• Supervising students to do thesis, research works;
• Developing curricular and course materials;
• Attending and conducting professional development in social work and sociology;
• Applying for research grants;
• Had more than 30 research papers in academic journals;
• Publish 6 chapters a books and editor of 2 books;
• Attending more than 20 international conferences in the social sciences;
• Completing 4 national research projects (as a principal researcher of a project and key researchers of 3 others);
• Supervising 5 BA’s thesis in Sociology and Social Work; 3 master’s thesis in Social Work
• Lecturing: preparing course content and conducting lectures/tutorials in Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Social Work, Social Work Theory, and Social Work with People with Disabilities for undergraduate students and Social Work Practice Models and Modern Social Work Theories for postgraduate students;

Deputy Director of Office for Research Affairs/From August 2013-August 2014 and April 2016 to present
In VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, Vietnam
• Coordinating the conferences and seminars for university scholars and international scholars;
• Managing the research projects at ministerial and national level, and international cooperation projects;
• Administrating the office activities and logistics;
• Managing the financial issues for research affairs;
• Promoting international publication and international cooperation in scientific activities;
• Supervising the research activities by young staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students in whole university;
• Contribution to organize around 30 conferences a year and to manage around 10-15 ministerial and national research projects;
• Increase 10% of international publications among university scholars in last 3 years;
• Support the scholars to have 2-3 research projects in each year in cooperation with local provinces and industries;
• Building up 4 excellence research groups in last 2 years;

Director of Journal Office/From September 2015 to March 2016
In VNU-University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, Vietnam
Responsibilities: Manage the development of VNU Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (ISSN 2354-1172) in the following tasks:
• Invite worldwide scholars to submit manuscripts;
• Invite scholars to review the papers for journal;
• Manage the forthcoming volumes and issues;
• Manage the financial issues and partnership of journals;
• Submit journal to international indexed databases
• The journal has published 2 volumes with 10 issues, containing 72 academic papers; all issues of journal have been sent to universities in Vietnam and indexed in Ebscohost, Worldcat, Google Scholars, and other international databases;
• The journal has been officially recoganised as high standard for Vietnamese social researchers and to be included in the list of national academic journal in Vietnam;

Casual Bicultural Support Worker/April 2008 to April 2012
In Inclusive Directions, Adelaide, South Australia
• Support children from other cultural backgrounds to be included in the educational contexts of Australia;
• Support children with learning difficulties to have inclusion in educational contexts;
• Support the school staff to understand the children from different cultural backgrounds;
• Work as a casual bicultural support worker with around 4 hours per week in educational contexts;
• Deliver 2 training workshops for childcare center’s staff to understand Vietnamese culture and children;

Officer of Academic Affairs/ May 2006 to December 2007 and from May 2012 to August 2013
In VNU-University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, Vietnam
• Supporting lecturer on improving the teaching methods and skills in the research-based university and student-centered approach;
• Supervising the curriculum, learning and teaching material development at university level for all programs;
• Drafting the new academic regulations and updating the academic policies for lecturers and students
• Running 4 training workshops on teaching methodology supported by Singapore International Foundation in 10 months, for 80 young lecturers;
• Supporting faculties on transforming 22 curriculum into the learning outcome-based curriculum in the format of CDIO (after 12 months of intensive transformation);
• Making changes of academic regulation for accepting the 6 students with disabilities to be included in the mainstream learning contexts;

Manager of Youth Union Office and Student Office/ Jan 2001 to April 2006
In VNU-University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, Vietnam
• Managing all supportive activities for students and young staff in terms of learning, teaching and doing research projects;
• Organising the cultural and sport activities;
• Motivating the resources for student activities
• Being awarded with 50 Best Student Award in 2000; Outstanding Youth Leader by Vietnam Youth Union in 2003, 2004 and 2006;
• Skills on working with children and young staff;
• Establish 12 student clubs, and 45 volunteer groups in this period.

Educational Background

Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2015
Provided by Seoul National University, South Korea
PhD in Social Work and Social Policy 2008-2012
Awarded by University of South Australia, thesis title: Social Inclusion with Children with Disabilities (case study in Hanoi, Vietnam)
Certificate of Social Work Lecturer 2006
Awarded by VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, Vietnam
Master of Arts in Sociology 2005
Awarded by VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, Vietnam
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 2000
Awarded by VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, Vietnam


Cert IV in Community Services (TafeSA) 2017
Certificate of Higher Education Quality Assurance 2013
By ASEAN University Network
Certificate of CDIO and Curriculum Design 2013
By International Polytechnics of Singapore
Certificate of Syllabus and Teaching Methodology 2012
By Singapore International Foundation
Certificate of Communication Skill 2010
By Australian University Network

Professional Membership

– Secretary of National Scientific Council in Philosophy, Political Sciences and Sociology, Vietnam National Foundation for Development of Science and Technology (2016-2018);
– Member of Vietnam Social Worker Network
– Member of Vietnam Association of Sociology
– Member of Editorial Board, International Social Work Journal, Sage
– Member of Editorial Board, ASEAN Social Work Journal, Indonesia
– Member of Reviewers’ Board, Disability Studies Review, Hawaii University
– Founder of Vietnam Social Work Network’s website:


2017 (being updated): 02 journal papers; preparing the full manuscript of edited book for Springer (Understanding Daily Life Experiences in Vietnam), one national research project (2017-2018) on Research Ethics of Vietnamese Social Sciences (Nafosted); one project funded by Sumitomo Foundation about disability; one project funded by Australia-Asean Council about the EMI in Vietnam; 2 edited books (ethnic minority groups in urban life of Vietnam,social inclusion of poor migrants in urban of Vietnam), 1 textbook on Social Work Practice: Approaches and Models. .
2016: 14 journal papers, 3 book chapters, 1 monograph (co-editor), 3 book reviews, and 2 national research projects
2015: 9 journal papers, 1 research project
2014: 3 journal papers, 2 book chapters
2009-2013: 5 journal papers,
Outstanding papers in ISI/Scopus Journals
Tran Van Kham, 2016, Social Construction of Public Intellectuals in Vietnam: Current Situation and Possible Changes, Social Indicators Research, DOI: 10.1007/s11205-016-1300-y
Tran Van Kham, 2016, Challenges for social work Education in Vietnam: Voice of social work students, Social work and Social Sciences Review, Vol 18, no.2, pp.7-24,
Tran Van Kham, 2015, The value of community cohesion among Vietnamese students in Era of Urbanisation and Globalisation, Social Indicators Research, online first at
Tran Van Kham, 2014, Social Construction of Disability and its Potential Impacts to Welfare Practice in Vietnamese Contexts, Springerplus 2014,
Tran Van Kham, 2014, Exploring the experiences of Children with Disabilities at School settings in Vietnam context, Springerplus 2014,
Tran Van Kham, 2014, The social work skills workbook Barry R Cournoyer, Journal of Social Work, Vol 14, No.5, pp.545-546 (book review)


Co-researcher: Linking Institutions on Dealing with Challenges of Higher Education in Viet Nam in the internationalisation process (DFAT, Australia, run by UniSA)
Principal Researcher for Project: People with Disabilities in Japan: life experiences and implications for Vietnam Social Work Pratice (Japan Research Foundation of Sumitomo)
Principal Researcher for Project: Research Ethics of Vietnamese Social Sciences (Nafosted)
Researcher (surveying and data analysis) for Project on Social Supports for Ethnic Minorities in the industrial zones by National Council of Ethnic Minorities;
Researcher (surveying, interviewing and data analysis) for Project of ENHANCE (between Alacante University and 6 Vietnamese Universities);
Key Researcher for Ministry of Education and Training’s Project on Promoting School Social Work in Vietnam supported by UNICEF.
Researcher (surveying, interviewing and data analysis) for Project on Public Opinion 2016 (about Vietnam-U.S relations) by VEPR and USAID in Vietnam.
Researcher (surveying, interviewing and data analysis) for Research Projects on Social Supports for the Disabled in Vietnam by VNAH

Research Project on Life Experiences of Children with Physical Disabilities in Hanoi-Vietnam, Funded by Vietnam National University, Hanoi (Researcher).
Assessment on Social Policy for Disabled People in Vietnam, VNAH.
Research Project on Young Student’s value orientation, Funded by Vietnam National University-Hanoi (researcher);
Research Project on Inclusive Direction for Migrants in urban areas, Funded by NAFOSTED (principal researcher);
Research Project of PhD thesis: Social Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Vietnam, with AusAID’ scholarship title Australian Leadership Awards;
Project Implementing the MDGs in Vietnam: Youth Voices, Funded by World Bank in Vietnam (principal researcher);
Project on Strengthening the Young Faculty’s Capacities on Research, Funded by TOYOTA FOUNDATION (principal researcher);
Project on Promoting the student abilities in Community Development, funded by UNDP in Vietnam (principal researcher);
2004-2005: Research project on History of Youth Union, Hanoi University of Social Sciences and
Humanities, supported by Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities (principal researcher);

– Strong communication skills with people from different backgrounds
– Administrative and organisational skills at university levels
– Advising and supportive skills, especially for vulnerable groups
– Expert in data analysis, such as SPSS software
– Good at research project management, from proposal writing to information disseminating
– Teaching skills with students from different backgrounds
– Research skills on both qualitative and quantitative methods
– Practical skills on working with students and people with disabilities
– Excellence skills on Office Software and Project Management; website design; quantitative and qualitative soft-wares